Documentary Wedding Photofilms


Who needs a videographer when you can have a photographer shoot a Photofilm instead.

Photo Cinematic Slideshows

A great way to document your wedding day is with a stunning Documentary Photofilm, Not just a wedding film with music but a mixture of your wedding photos combined in to a slideshow with digital voice over from the vows and speeches set to music with video clips. Nobody creates a Photofilm like I do. The Photofilms are not staged, so don't worry I won't be asking you to talk in to a microphone, the audio is captured discreetly during the day.

You will receive not only the Photofilm but the complete audio from the Vows and the Speeches*.

Photofilms are supplied on a USB stick and are playable on most modern TV's and Computers.

 *Due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot guarantee these Photofilms, the venue may not allow digital recordings, interference from mobile phones or other equipment etc. Video is not always possible due to space and time limitations.

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